Langoor was founded by seasoned chef, Deepak in 2005 with the vision to provide custom cuisine to people on their doorsteps. He says "We began with small receptions and weddings. Since then, the business has nearly doubled year on year, both in terms of revenue and the number of events. Today we take the lead in the world of catering because of the strong desire to delight our customer every time we serve them. We understand catering, the art of entertaining people with good food."

About our Founder

The founder of Hurljam&L;’angoor Catering & Gourmet Food, Deepak was born in India and raised in the US and Australia. He did his hotel management from the renowned Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi. As a teenager he honed his culinary skills under the guidance of celebrated chef Imtiaz Qureshi And World renoundboby flay and developed a passion for fresh local ingredients, beautiful presentations, and above all, mouthwatering food. Never one to back down from a challenge, Deepak received early recognition by competing in local cooking competitions, and was awarded the Provincial scholarship for culinary arts upon graduation to further his studies. After this he moved to the US and earned a bachelor’s degree in catering& Gourmet Cooking from Pennsylvania State University. He made his presence felt in culinary competitions and won accolades everywhere he participated.

Over the next several years, Deepak worked and apprenticed in a number of high end professional kitchens across the Globe, developing his skills and a style of his own. This was the time when Deepak
discovered the hidden entrepreneur inhim. With the newfound entrepreneurial streak he soon found himself managing a catering kitchen and administration in an office.
However, his time spent without cooking for others was short-lived. A lack of lunch options near the office left his co-workers consistently grumbling about their limited choices for fresh, healthy food. Deepak started his own Catering lunch service, providing home-cooked gourmet meals for his colleagues, arriving to work early each morning and making the rounds to deliver the meals.
Word spread like wild fire throughout the community, and it wasn’t long before Deepak was going home at 5 like everyone else, and then cooking 50 individual gourmet meals for his co-workers to enjoy the next day.
With an entrepreneurial spark, Deepak knew the office grind was not for him, and a personal chef service called L’angoor was born in 2005, providing home cooked meal services for busy families and professionals, as well as catering private dinners for special occasions. However, it wasn’t long before Deepak started to receive requests to cater weddings and larger events. Today Langoor is setting new benchmarks in custom catering services to clients across the board.

Welcome to the Langoor!

L’angoor currently provides catering services for private kitty parties, birthday parties, reception, wedding, memorial, barbeques etc. It also caters restaurants in Toronto and Vancouver-Canada, Melbourne and Perth-Australia, New Jersey and Atlanta, Texas(US).

It has current tie-ups with Mirage Banquent, Akbar Banquet in NJ & Atlanta, Five house and IndianBestro in Toronto, Dhaliwal Banquet in Vancouver, Varq Indian Banquet in Perth, Machan Indian Restaurant in Melbourne to name a few.

At Langoor, the entire kitchen staff (not to forget the front staff) is put to the test every day because we are always under pressure from our clients to invent something new. Our priority is always to customize our work for our clients.

We, at Langoor, take our social responsibilities very seriously. For example, we're always looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in our kitchens and across our whole business. If CSR means doing business better, then at Langoor, tackling food waste is clearly something which is dealt with as a matter of urgency.
At Langoor, our mission is to entertain people with good food. We aim to be the industry leader in off-premise catering, distinctive, highly innovative and successful in everything we do. We believe in giving a client dramatically more value than they expect; measured by service, quality, results, and price.
: In addition to full service catering, Langoor also provides value added services to make your event a spectacular success. We specialize in theme parties, customizing other arrangements of your events including music/entertainment, props, decorations, flowers, beverage services etc.
Since its inception in 2005, Langoor has been passionate about our ecological footprint. At Langoor, we have put several business practices in place making a positive impact on the environment. For instance, we employ a full-time three-tiered waste systems that allows for maximum percentages of waste to be either recycled or composted.

At Langoor, the biggest driver is innovation. The challenge for us is to make the most incredible cuisines that simply don’t exist. We have to invent all the time. It’s often the case that we have to experiment & experiment to perfect a dish, or to make a plate successful.

Our team

Our most competitors are always waiting to snap up Langoor’s business. But we outrank competitors because no matter what the client demands, we make sure everything runs smoother. And it all starts with the RIGHT team.

Of course a team who wants to work in catering business should know that the job is much more tiring than working in a restaurant. You can do this kind of work if you have a passion for it. If you really like it. At Langoor, we know this. And we love what we do. In our work, we start from the scratch, unlike restaurants where the tables are set at the same place every day. Here, we arrive at the location which could be an empty shed or a big villa or a palace. And every event is truly new because it starts from the scratch. And it’s very satisfying whenever it all comes together and comes off well. Team Langoor is an old hand at this transformation. Each member has been in the industry for quite a while now.